Cooperate to Act





  1. Promote sustainable development and sustainable and responsible production and consumption patterns and practices by encouraging and facilitating co-operation and awareness-raising on cooperatives.
  2. Ensure information, awareness and enhancement of cooperation, particularly cooperative entrepreneurship, with the population and economic and social development actors.
  3. Inform and guide the actors and project leaders in their approach to development and creation of cooperative structure.
  4. Support the creation, consolidation and expansion of co-operatives by providing a range of innovative, results-oriented and cost-effective services to co-operatives and related organizations.
  5. Network the actors of the Cooperative Economy by facilitating exchanges.


The association also contributes to the development of new initiatives and alternative experiments by promoting productive contacts and exchanges of information with various public and private partners.

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accompaniment according to the different phases of the project by relying on shared tools and the experiment of an experienced and competent person.

information, awareness and advocacy

engineering, social and cooperative innovation

educational engineering and training

valorization and promotion of territorial initiatives