Cooperate to Act

Training in Co-operative Management and Coaching


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Training in Co-operative Management and Coaching

  • 1 June 2017

This free training-action * is the first of a series of other training sessions that our association COO + will organize in 2017. They are aimed at anyone wishing to acquire knowledge and skills to manage and / or accompany cooperatives. We want cooperatives to maintain and strengthen their identities in order to build strong organizations.
In our training, we adopt cooperative pedagogy. It is an interactive approach to work organization that places the learner as an actor in his learning in cooperation with the trainer and his peers.


• To acquire tools of management, management, accompaniment, communication of companies of the field of the social and solidarity economy and cooperation;
• Develop critical thinking;
• Open to new cooperative practices.


1. Situation of the Moroccan cooperative movement today.
Challenges and challenges of the cooperative movement in Morocco
2. Legislative framework of cooperatives and administrative procedures for creating cooperatives.
Introduction to the concept of the cooperative enterprise
Reflections on the profession of cooperative leaders
3. Introduction to the social business plan: Financial analysis and forecast management
4. Marketing and marketing
5. Design and create a collective support system for cooperatives.