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Welcome to cooplus


welcome cooplus

Welcome to cooplus

  • 29 April 2017

The International Labor Organization (ILO) believes that cooperatives are important for improving the living and working conditions of men and women in general and the provision of essential infrastructure and services even in neglected areas. by governments and companies seeking investment. Cooperatives have proven their ability to create and maintain jobs – employing more than 100 million people worldwide today, and contributing to the promotion of decent work.

The cooperative movement will inevitably seek to innovate in order to remain viable and adapt to the needs of its members, on the basis of its strengths and its specificities. Cooperative entrepreneurship is essential for the viability and sustainability of the cooperative movement.

One of the main obstacles to the development of cooperatives is the ignorance or ignorance by the general public and sometimes even the members of the principles, methods and objectives of the cooperative formula, in a word, the cooperative advantage.

These for its reasons that we decided to create in 2016, the association COO + to impulse and support the creation of companies and cooperative networks of excellence which develop a prosperous and equitable economy within the framework of a sustainable endogenous development.